The goal for “S.O.S.” is quite simple and to the point – to bring the hits to the masses and perform them as well as or better than the original artists. They meticulously dissect each song, learning each part to the exact note and drum fill. They sample every loop and minuscule piece to each song puzzle to bring the audience the most precise, pristine live performance they have ever witnessed. In a way that can only be explained as “hypnotized”, once the crowd shows up, they are dancing – and they are there to stay! To see Sell Out Stereo is more than just going to see another musical act, it is an experience guaranteed not to be matched or forgotten. Whether it’s a club date, your wedding, private event or a festival; they have done it all and know what it takes to make the crowed want more. They possess a charm and charisma that continues to hold their fans, and time after time make people want to come back to the frenzy created by S.O.S.